All Property can provide all the services you need to bring your property to the high standard you require.

Preparing for the end of your lease or a rent inspection can often be a source of stress. At All Property, we’re here to simplify the process with a comprehensive range of services, just a click or a call away, designed to meet all your needs.

Whether you’re dealing with termite or general pest control, in need of a garden refresh or a complete restoration, getting ready for a vacant property clean, or preparing to showcase your property for sale, we’ve got you covered. Our services extend to thorough spring cleaning both inside and outside your home, and we’re equipped to handle special cleaning tasks such as carpets, windows, high-pressure cleaning, and much more.

We understand the importance of a hassle-free transition, and our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your property is pest-free, meticulously clean, and ready for its next chapter. Let us handle the details, so you can focus on your next move.

Why choose All Property's services?

Comprehensive service range

With All Property’s services, you enjoy the convenience of a one-stop-shop for all your pest control, garden restoration, and end-of-lease cleaning needs. We provide the widest range of tailored services in Perth, assuring you of solutions that perfectly suit your requirements.

Proven expertise

With 25 years of experience, we bring deep knowledge and proven expertise to each project. Our family-owned business is well-versed in handling anything from meticulous termite inspections to high-pressure cleaning, ensuring your property
is in the best hands.

Customer-centric approach

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. Our team is friendly, professional, and dedicated to delivering extraordinary service. We strive to meet your current needs and are always ready to assist with future ones.

High standards of professionalism

Our licensed and insured technicians uphold the highest standards of professionalism. Whether it’s performing an end-of-lease flea treatment or restoring your garden, we maintain a keen attention to detail, ensuring top-notch results.

Value for money

We offer affordable yet high-quality services. From pest control treatments to comprehensive end-of-lease cleans, we guarantee exceptional value for your investment, making your home or property safer, cleaner, and more attractive.

Who we serve

At All Property, we cater to a diverse clientele, ensuring everyone enjoys a clean, safe, and beautiful living environment.


We help homeowners maintain a pest-free, clean, and well-groomed property. From routine pest control to garden restoration and deep cleaning, we ensure your home always feels welcoming and serene.


Moving out? We ease the transition with comprehensive end-of-
lease cleaning, ensuring a hassle-free bond retrieval. Our team also offers expert pest control and garden clean-ups for a well-maintained living space.

Real estate agents

We partner with real estate agents to keep properties in top condition. Whether it’s preparing a property for viewing with a pre-sale tidy or performing routine pest control, we uphold the value of each property.

Aged care providers

We offer tailored services to aged care facilities, ensuring a clean, safe, and pleasant environment for residents. From pest control to garden restoration, we contribute to the well-being and comfort of the elderly.

Remember, no job is too big or small for All Property Services. We adapt to your needs, delivering exceptional results every time.

Our pest control solutions

All Property Pest Control is your trusted partner for comprehensive and tailored pest management solutions. We employ safe, eco-friendly methods to effectively manage a wide array of pests, safeguarding your home and family while respecting the environment.

End-of-lease flea treatment

A must for pet owners and renters, our flea extermination services ensure your home is free of pests upon lease termination, providing a hassle-free move-out.

Weed & lawn pest control

Our expert team maintains your lawn’s health and appearance by efficiently eliminating weeds and lawn pests using safe, high-quality herbicides and pesticides.

Predemolition & preconstruction inspection

We perform thorough inspections and treatments for rodent and pest infestations, ensuring your construction or demolition project meets all council requirements.

General pest treatment

No matter the pest, we provide effective treatments for spiders, ants, rodents, termites, fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more, restoring your home’s comfort and safety.

Possum relocation

Our team humanely and safely relocates possums in accordance with state regulations, preventing property damage and ensuring the wellbeing of these native creatures.

Bed bug & flea treatment

Don’t let pests ruin your peace of mind. We accurately identify and treat bed bug and flea infestations, restoring your home to an itch-free condition.

Termite inspection & treatment

Prevent costly damage with our thorough termite inspections and treatments. We help protect your property and assets from these destructive invaders.

General pest packages

Keep your home pest-free all year round with our comprehensive, discounted pest packages. Available for quarterly, half-yearly, or annual treatments.

Rural pest control

We extend our services to rural properties, providing effective pest control for houses, sheds, stables, and silos, protecting your property regardless of its location.

We have pest control solutions for…

At All Property Pest Control, we have the expertise and resources to effectively manage a wide variety of pests, ensuring a safer, healthier environment for you and your loved ones. Whether it’s a small, troublesome ant colony or a larger, more disruptive possum problem, we are equipped and ready to restore your peace of mind with our effective pest control solutions.

Our garden cleanup solutions

Breathe new life into your outdoor spaces with All Property Garden Restoration. Our dedicated team revitalises neglected yards, transforming them into inviting areas perfect for family gatherings or serene solitude.

End-of-lease garden blitz

Offering comprehensive garden cleanups at the end of leases, we ensure a spotless outdoor space that satisfies even the most meticulous rental inspections.

Green waste removal

Our team efficiently disposes of green waste, including branches, leaves, and cuttings. We leave your garden clean and refreshed, promoting healthier growth.

Mowing & weeding

We tackle overgrown gardens head-on. By mowing, edging lawns, and uprooting weeds, we transform untamed landscapes into well-manicured and inviting green spaces.

Presale tidy

Enhance your property’s appeal with our presale tidy service. We primp and preen your garden to its utmost potential, making it irresistible to prospective buyers.

Hedging & pruning

Our experts deliver precise hedging and pruning services, keeping your plants healthy and your garden aesthetically pleasing. With our touch, your greenery thrives beautifully.

Gutter cleaning

We remove accumulated debris from gutters, ensuring smooth water flow and preventing damage to your home. Experience the satisfaction of having clean and functional gutters.

Weed & lawn pest control

Using safe and approved methods, we effectively control pests and weeds in your garden, maintaining its health and your peace of mind.

High-pressure outdoor cleaning

We revitalise patios, paving, and garages with our high-pressure cleaning service, removing stubborn dirt and stains for a fresher, cleaner outdoor area.

Mulch installation

We enrich your garden soil with high-quality mulch, enhancing soil hydration and contributing to healthier, vibrant plant growth. Trust us with your garden’s nourishment.

Budget cleaning packages or full-service cleans

Your one-stop shop for the services
your agent requires you to get done professionally.

Our mini-vacate clean package could be perfect for those with smaller homes and budgets. Enjoy professional carpet cleaning, thorough flea treatments, sparkling tile grout clean-ups, with an option to add a quick garden refresh. Tailored to fit your budget, these essential services can boost your chances of a hassle-free bond retrieval. Don’t compromise on quality or cost – get in touch with us today!

Carpet cleaning

Revitalise your living spaces with our thorough carpet cleaning service. We effectively improve marks and odours, guaranteeing a fresher, brighter carpet, enhancing the likelihood of a successful bond refund.

Flea treatment

Satisfy lease requirements effortlessly with our effective flea treatments. Targeted solutions kill fleas quickly, making your home pest-free and inspection-ready.

Tile grout cleaning

Revitalise dull tiles and grout lines in kitchens and bathrooms. Our thorough cleaning restores original luster, impressing any property inspector.

Garden refresh

Upgrade your outdoor spaces with our quick garden refresh option. From light pruning to basic lawn care, weed removal and mulch/wood chip installation, we make your garden pleasing and presentable.

Our full vacate cleaning services

For the person who just wants to move out and leave the rest to us.

A full vacate cleaning service that cleans every surface of the house and we tailor our services to work in with your special requirements. We do on-site inspections to provide a free quote.

Carpet cleaning









Shelving & draws
















Exhaust fans


Glass screens

High-pressure cleaning





Mowing & hedging

Garden restoration



Furniture removal




Pest control

Full cleaning services

We offer deep cleans, spring cleans, pre and post sale cleans tailored to your special requirements.

Carpet cleaning

Restore your carpets to their former glory with our expert cleaning service. We use the latest equipment to clean and sanitise your carpets.

High-pressure cleaning

Revitalise your outdoor areas with our high-pressure cleaning. We effectively clean patios, garages, walls, verandahs and paving, giving your exteriors a refreshed and immaculate look.

Kitchens & bathrooms

Trust us to tackle the toughest grime and grease in your kitchens and bathrooms. We ensure sanitised, sparkling surfaces, from ovens and showers to toilets.

End-of-lease flea treatment

Comply with tenancy agreements effortlessly with our end-of-lease flea treatments. We eliminate any trace of pests, ensuring a clean, healthy living space for incoming tenants.

Gutter cleaning

Let us handle your gutters, removing the built-up wet and dry debris. We leave no mess behind, only clean, well-functioning gutters that protect your property.

Window cleaning

Experience bright clean windows with our top-tier cleaning service up to 3 stories high. We use deionised water technology for interiors and exteriors, including track and frame cleaning.

Garden clean up

Revive your garden with our cleanup services. Navigate to our ‘Garden Restoration’ page to learn more about our comprehensive outdoor care offerings.

Our reviews

All Property (Bindi and Kim) provided garden restoration and have been providing business garden Maintenance for us since – for approximately 5 years now. They provide great customer service – are friendly and professional, good communicators and responsive. We highly recommend their business.

- Camilo Villegas

We recently engaged All Property to complete an end of lease at our rental house. Both the customer service and the cleaning service were fantastic. Bindy visited the property before providing a detailed quote upfront and was very responsive and friendly. We could not fault the cleaning in any way – the service was all inclusive (carpets and internal/external windows) and the house looked brand new when they were done. I would definitely recommend this company if you need an end of lease clean.

- Lauren Clarke

Bindy and her team were on time and completed a large amount of work in a short time. Even though there was more work than expected Bindy made sure it was all completed to a professional standard. I couldn’t have been more happy with their work and the price charged was really reasonable. Excellent work done by Bindy and her team.

- Dexter Walford

Amazingly thorough service, got end of lease clean, fumigation and garden all done on the same day! Quick response and lovely people. Highly recommend!

- Tom Rowe

They gave us a great deal. Super friendly and on time. When there was an issue with sprinklers, they fixed it then and there. I would recommend to anyone wanting work done.

- Samantha Watt

Very friendly and professional service, they were upfront with what needed to be done and affordable. Thank you for the great work.

- Matt Hill

Your one-stop solution for home & garden care

At All Property, we’re a family-run business based in Perth offering comprehensive home and garden care solutions. Our suite of services spans from meticulous vacate cleaning, to pest control and garden restorations. We understand that every property and client is unique, which is why we offer tailored solutions to meet varying needs. Our dedicated team takes immense pride in delivering exceptional services – be it giving your rental property an inspection-ready clean, transforming your garden into an enjoyable space, or safeguarding your property from pests. With our wide array of professional services, All Property Services is your trusted partner for maintaining and enhancing your property.

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